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In 1972, Barbara Thomas was working in the medical records department of a Southern California hospital. As supervisor, it was her responsibility to make sure the doctors signed the patients’ charts. Because several different doctors were often involved in each patient’s treatment, it was extremely difficult to get the chart completed.

Out of necessity, Barbara came up with the idea of using a small removable label to indicate where the doctors should sign. The flags extended past the edge of the page making them easy to see. And by using different colored flags, each doctor could quickly locate the pages that they need to sign.

The Redi-Tag page flag was born and the first to appear in the marketplace.

Samples of the product were sent to various hospitals to see if other medical record supervisors had the same problems. The answer was a resounding YES! A direct mail business was launched, and in just three weeks, Barbara quit her job at the hospital and started working on her business full time. The kitchen table was her desk, her hall closet was the warehouse, and her children (Barbara was a single mother) were her employees.

In 1983 Barbara’s daughter, Nancy, took over as General Manager. Nancy decided that lawyers, accountants and other business professionals could also benefit from flags that showed people where to sign documents. She decided to expand the business into the General Office market.

Redi-Tag Corporation continued to grow. In 1985, Karen Whistler joined the company as the Sales and Marketing Director. She became President in 1995 and CEO in 1999.

In 2008 Redi-Tag became part of the Identity Group of companies. To learn more about our parent company, The Identity Group, LLC, visit their website.

Today Redi-Tag Corporation is stronger than ever. Redi-Tags are sold through every major office products reseller in the United States. Our line has expanded to include tags, flags and labels for a wide variety of organizational needs. And this is only the beginning.

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