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Laser & Ink Jet Printer Product FAQ
Page Flag and Index Tab FAQ

Laser & Ink Jet Printer Products

What can I do if I don’t have the template?
Download the template from our web site or have a technical support representative e-mail it to you. You can reach customer support at 1-800-421-7585, Monday - Friday, 7:30 to 4:30 PST or email to and someone will respond during regular business hours.

How to download templates?
1. Select Templates / Downloads located in the area at the left.  Note templates are available in either Microsoft® Word or WordPerfect® formats.  Make sure to select the desired size and format.

2. Double click to open or right click on the template to save. 

3. If “Security Warning” box pops up, be sure to enable macros.

Is the template compatible with a Mac?
Yes. In OSX, Word 2004 for Macintosh will open the templates. Save the template(s) needed to your computer and open using the OPEN command in Word.

The screen is blank and I can’t see the template.
WORD: Click on TABLE and select SHOW GRIDLINES.

How do I enable the macros in Microsoft Word?
Open WORD, click on TOOLS, select MACROS and then select SECURITY. Change your setting to MEDIUM, click OK and exit.
Reopen the program and ENABLE MACROS.

The ink is smearing on my tabs.
Verify that you are not trying to use a laser product with an ink jet or bubble jet printer. Whereas a laser printer uses intense heat to burn toner onto virtually any surface, an ink jet printer requires a specially designed porous or coated surface for the ink to absorb into. Hence, Redi-Tag laser products are not compatible with ink jet or bubble jet printers.

I can't get my 1-1/8" Laser Index Tabs to line up.
Change your left margin to 4.35" and your paper size to LETTER (8-1/2" x 11"). Make sure that your paper orientation is landscape and try printing again.

My printing alignment is just a little off center.
Minor marginal adjustments may need to be made to account for the differences among printers. Adjust margins in increments of .1" using the guidelines below:
• INCREASE the TOP margin to move everything DOWN,
• DECREASE the TOP margin to move everything UP,
• INCREASE the LEFT margin to move everything to the RIGHT,
• DECREASE the LEFT margin to move everything to the LEFT

Can I run a sheet with tabs or flags through my printer more than once?.
We DO NOT recommend running a sheet through your printer more than once. Doing so may cause the tabs or flags to dislodge from the sheet while going through your printer.

Page Flags and Index Tab FAQ

Can I have custom page flags printed?
Yes, we can print on dispenser size page flags, both the arrow and the non-arrow styles, as well as Index Tabs. The minimum order for page flags in our regular dispenser rolls (120 flags) is 55 rolls for a total of 6,600 flags, or we can customize our large Economy Rolls (750 flags) with a minimum of 11 rolls for a total of 8,250 flags. If you want more than one color, the minimum order must be met for each color. If you need small quantities of custom phrases, Redi-Tag Laser or Ink Jet Page Flags are the answer for you. These products allow you to print the phrases you need from your laser or ink jet printer in conjunction with Windows versions of  Microsoft® Word and WordPerfect®.
For custom tabs, the minimum is 50 packages of 250 tabs (12,500 tabs). All tabs must be the same color. If you need a small quantity of a custom phrase, Redi-Tag Laser tabs are the answer.

What is the shelf-life of Page Flags and Index Tabs?
That’s a good question. To be honest we never have had anyone who has kept the product on the shelf for a long period of time who wanted to return them. We estimate that the adhesive will remain stable for approximately five years. However, if our products are stored in an area that gets very hot (like a car trunk), the adhesive could be affected.

Can I buy refills for Page Flag dispensers?
Refill rolls are available for ALL flags sold in dispensers.
Click here to download Dispenser Refill Instructions.

What’s the difference between Redi-Tag Dispenser Page Flags and 3M Post-it flags?
Redi-Tag Page Flags are the original self-stick indicator flags and have been on the market for over 30 years. Redi-Tag page flags are packaged 120 flags per dispenser versus 50 per Post-it Flags. Redi-Tags are considerably less expensive than Post-it Flags and come in more colors and phrases. In addition, the color goes all the way across the flag, versus half way across the Post-it Flag. Redi-Tags are thinner and longer, and are shaped like an arrow versus having the arrow drawn on.

Is bulk packaging available for any Redi-Tag product?
Yes, bulk packaging is available for our Small Page Flags, Laser Index Tabs, 7/16” Permanent Index Tabs and Standard Page Flags.
Small Page Flags are bulk-packaged on pads of 900 flags per pad, 4 pads per box, for a total of 3,600 flags. Each box is all one color and available in our 16 solid colors. A 4-color assortment pack is also available.
Laser Index Tabs are available in Bulk Value Packs. All items have 15 sheets per pack. Please refer to the appropriate product pages for exact packaging specifications and pricing.
7/16” Blank Index Tabs are available in a bulk pack of 416 tabs.
We offer bulk packs, 500 per pack, of Standard Size Page Flags in red, yellow, 5 color assortment and SIGN HERE 5 color assortment., as well as our new Half-Size Page Flags.

Do numeric Permanent Index Tabs go higher than 20? Are the Alpha Tabs sold in different combinations such as all As?
No, we do not preprint Permanent Index Tabs in combinations other than 1-10, 11-20, and A-Z. We have found that there are too many combinations possible to satisfy everyone’s different needs. In response to meeting customer needs, Laser Index Tabs are available.

Why do the 7/16" Index Tabs come 104 tabs per package?
For the A-Z Index tabs we needed 26 tabs per sheet. For Number Tabs 1-10 and 11-20, there are two sets of either 1-10 or 11-20 per sheet plus six blank tabs per sheet. From a manufactoring standpoint,it is more cost effective to have the six blanks per sheet on our Number Tabs than to reconfigure the die to manufacture them. As a bonus, with the 1-10, and 11-20 you get Blank Tabs which you can write on.

Can Laser Tabs also be written on with pen or pencil?
Yes, laser printable products will accept ball-point pen, pencil or permanent marker.

Can the Laser Tabs be run more than once through my printer?
We do not recommend running sheets of tabs or flags through a printer more than once. Doing so may cause the tab to dislodge while going through the printer, especially with the heat involved with laser printing.

Are Redi-Tag Page Flags removable from all papers?
Our removable adhesive flags and tabs are removable from MOST papers. However, fibers may stick to them on very porous papers such as newsprint and textured papers. It is always a good idea to test the adhesive on your paper to ensure it will not tear the sheet or lift fibers or print.

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